Saturday, December 20, 2014

wow! a year already?

Almost a year since my last post.

Working hard and learning a lot. Please bear with me.

Hugs form the UK. Enjoy your holidays.


Saturday, December 21, 2013

this is going to be interesting

Got a call on Friday.

My service provider on the line, far far away.
My service provider team (yes, I am a project manager) in the far away place calls to tell me that the CTO of the company I work for had visited them on the before.

Apparently, they have been singing my praises in front of the CTO. Apparently, they were so pleased with my managerial style, they had to tell him and subsequently me.

My projects always have consisted of getting the job done. I am very much aware of the customer - service provider trenches. To me that means:

- get real every minute
- treat absolutely everybody in the team as if they were part of my company
- we have fun whilst working really hard
- cultivate a culture of trust and success
- make sure the right people are on board (which can suck but needs to be done)
- if I have the right people, support them in every possible way.

I have gotten the best results with the big players in the markets, at some points paybacks when they did not deliver. To be honest, my project was challenging from the first day. 8 weeks ago I thought we were not going to make it. The aforementioned service provider exchanged a key player. And from there on out, we worked our sweet behinds of. We are now in safe waters.

My boss gave me a real feedback yesterday that he was impressed with my approach and results.

The question to you guys out there is:
- would anybody interested in understanding my project approach, i.e. the integration part?

Does any of this make sense to the world out there?

I apologise in advance for stating what is obvious (at least to me). I am painfully aware of the fact that I am overworked and what have you.

Hence, feel free to ignore this.
More stuff to come.

Hugs, Happy Holidays and keep the spirit!

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

It´s all good - Thanks to the UK and Gwyneth Paltrow

A lot has happened!

Can you believe it - I moved to Cambridge, UK one year ago!

One of the perks of moving within your own country or abroad seems to be the following for me.

Reinvent yourself
Seriously, it´s a beautiful thing!

You meet so many new people. They have no idea of your past and you are literally in the moment, writing or short or long story of life together (if we take the time, that is).

The UK is growing on me. I haven´t left the country since February. Still raiding the supermarkets and discovering new stuff. Working my way through the nuances of British English. Finding so many new people on the way but sometimes actually being shy.

Yesterday, a bundle of Swiss teenagers were really going to town by checking girls out and commenting on their goods. Being in stitches at some point, I told them in German that some people do understand what they are saying and we all had a good laugh about it. It was one hilarious bus ride when one of them said: are you actually German? and do you live here?

On another note, and here comes the boring part, I am finally fed up with my eating habits.
I think that stuff has been bugging me for years. And, who knew! Gwyneth Paltrow with her love for food and cooking brought me back to the hob, the oven and food blender. On top of that, I am working my way through her second cookbook and she actually inspired me to try the concept of elimination diet. (I told you, this would be boring). It´s not diet to lose weight. It´s a diet to recalibrate your body first by leaving out a lot of typically damaging stuff (dairy, gluten, sugar, processed food etc). Once you have a base line, it is about re introoducing food and check whether one feels foggy, with indigestion, rashes or whatever). within a couple of months, I should be feeling better.

Being on the second day, I feel low on energy, but it this seems to be normal.

I would like to thank the UK for allowing me to reinvent myself and Gwyneth for guiding me to rediscover my love for cooking.

Can you keep finger crossed for me?
All is good.

Bless all of you out here,

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Oh Simon

How do great leaders inspire please? how do we buy, start businesses, hire people.

Simon says: it´s based on our brain activities, the WHY is the trigger
Simon Sinek TED talk, watch also out for the law of diffusion of innovation, awesome!

my ver cryptic notes:

-what am I buying: based on neo cortex, rational, language

-how and why am I buying: limbic system. cause for emotions, behaviour, gut decisions, not language. the mother of "it doesn´t feel right".

-how do you drive people to buy something. how do you hire. not the best people on paper who come in for the pay check. not the most rational product.

It goes deep into the WHY that triggers.

Watch the video and be in awe, hopefully. I need to rummage on this.

Hugs to all of you.


Wednesday, March 6, 2013


OMG what is happening!

 not sure if the Marie - training session boost is showing even before the training starts. Or something real is shifting. My life becomes enjoyable.

 I am an utter brat these days and it is getting worse by the minute. My surroundings are going nuts. The funny effect - people take me more seriously by the minute.

Also - it is bothering me for some time now that I have no other topic than yes - me. I am getting bored listening to this myself.

Talking about others close to me is a no no.

What's a girl to do?
-- Dating - check!
--Getting to know more and more expats - check!
--Listening where listening is needed - check (hopefully) hhm. Interesting. let's see where this journey is going.

 Can't wait.

Saturday, March 2, 2013

You are awesome, Marie!

I just and finally enrolled in a training with my Business Coach whom I followed for ages.

Could not be more thrilled :)

And no, work-life-balance is not in danger :)

Friday, March 1, 2013

frying tea

This excitement is different. New flat. Old and strangely familiar country is my new one. New colleagues, my team is amazing. the frying kettle While I am posting this, the my new washing machine is taking its first spins. The new frying pans takes over for the kettle and tea pot being on their way to my new home. Living in the United Kingdom is colourful, everyday life is as everywhere else. Work and week end alternate. My friends have shown their true and beautiful colours. My language skills have shown me that everyday life leaves me speechless, literally. I learn work top, chaps, frying pan, landing, washer dryer, a stone as a unit of measurement, the thingies equally applicable to walls and floor: tiles. Don't say mob when you mean bullying. Do say apologies a hundred times (which my nearest and dearest recognize as innate already). Currently, the word grooming is politically incorrect. Learn the nuances of saying no even though you are not using the actual words. Flirt shamelessly outside the office. Drive people nuts with your German accent. Don't ever cut the line. In Cambridge, cycling is fun, but tends to have cyclists on edge. enjoy driving a car on the wrong side. Find the nuances of pastries, sweets, dessert and all the forbidden things. Don't get me started on Indian food, yummy! Re discover old friends. Enjoy the joy of having them here or visit them in London. The German word Pudding translates into dessert. Custard translates into the German word for pudding. When in doubt curse in Spanish. Enjoy chatty taxi drivers. Make new friends with really helpful people at the bank, a shop that lost and found shoes for you, a muffins stand in the Arcade. Meet your hair dresser in the bus. Be careful, as everywhere, but probably even more here, to avoid people who talk too much about class. Be happy about super helpful people. avoid the grumpy ones. For the moment, a big hug to all of you out there. Bridget